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On 16.12.2014

Biobest continues its worldwide growth. With a broad range of quality products, a rich innovation pipeline and a commitment to tailor-made technical advice, our goal is to offer solutions for all your needs in biological control and pollination.

On 10.12.2014

Retailers are demanding always stricter limits for chemical residues in potted plants. Consider this together with the fact that chemicals really don’t do any good to plants and it is crystal clear that Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is also the way to go in potted plants. Specific details about the optimal biocontrol strategy may yet have to be determined for different crops and cultivars. However, one conclusion stands out: Nutrimite™ brings biological control to another level in potted plants.

On 08.12.2014

ETS Ottenwaelder is a flower growing company based between Fréjus and Antibes (in the South of France). The company’s key crops include Hibiscus, Poinsettia, Cyclamen and Impatiens. In 2014 crop manager Jean-Marie Ottenwaelder used Nutrimite™ for the first time as part of the company’s IPM strategy. After several years experience with the use of predatory mites against thrips, Jean-Marie was really amazed about the difference with NutrimiteTM, in particular in Poinsettia. 

On 08.12.2014

More than 24,000 flower growers from around the globe gathered in Vijfhuizen (Netherlands) from 5-7 November 2014 for the fifth edition of the International Floriculture & Horticulture Fair (IFTF). IFTF is the place to be to learn about the newest developments in floriculture. Integrated Pest Management is becoming an increasingly important topic in the ornamentals industry. With an entirely new stand, specially conceived for its first ever participation to this event, Biobest caused quite a buzz on the exhibition floor.

On 08.12.2014

The cultivation of cucumbers in high-tech greenhouses is now a major economic activity in the Almaty region, located in the southeast of Kazakhstan. The Greenhouse Tekeli Company has 5,3 ha of high-tech greenhouses and is led by Dutchman Hans Op Het Veld. This agronomist/consultant, member of the Group Bilancia Horticulture Projects LTD, is pioneering Integrated Pest Management with the support of Biobest.

On 21.10.2014

Van Wingerden International started working with Biobest and biocontrol 15 years ago. Sam Newsome a grower
at VWI is very familiar with the full array of biocontrol tools: beneficial insects and mites, bio-insecticides, banker
plants, etc. He has been determined to continuously expand the scope for biocontrol in his crops.

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