New side effect manual & mobile app!!

The Biobest side effects manual is much more than ‘just’ a list of crop protection agents and their compatibility with pollinators and biocontrol agents. It is the backbone of every sustainable crop management scheme. The 2012 release of the new generation side effects manual marks a further milestone in integrated crop management.

Our researchers at Biobest Green Lab have completely re-evaluated and updated the list. They incorporated the latest results from our own extensive compatibility studies, as well as published data and new legislative regulations. Different from others, this list is based on all crop protection products available on the market and created in complete independency

At the Fruit Logistica 2012 in Berlin, Germany, as a world’s first, Biobest released the updated manual as a mobile ‘App’ for both the iOS (Apple), Android and Blackberry platforms.
This way, growers can have the full functionality of the manual in their back pocket.

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